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Phone & Text Banking

Automated Phone Banking

mobile phone

  • Call 800-572-7404
  •  Follow the Phone Banking prompt instructions  to enter your Member ID number.
  •  When prompted to enter your Password, please enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number.
  •  You will be prompted to create a new, private Password for future access to Phone Banking.

Main Menu options include:

Press 1 to Select an Account

Press 2 to Transfer Money

Press 3 to Check account balances

Press 4 for General information

Press 5 for Product information

Press 8 for more Options:

Press 1 to report Lost/Stolen Cards

Press 2 to Activate a Card

Press 3 to Change your PIN

Press 5 to Login to another Account

Please contact Wauna Credit Union if you have questions or need assistance using Phone Banking.


Text Banking

How do I sign up?

 Signing up is easy! Members have the choice of signing up at https://waunafcu.textmycu.com or asking a helpful Wauna Credit Union Representative to assist. Wauna Credit Union Representatives can assist you in branch or on the phone at 800-773-3236.


Text Banking FAQ

Text Banking number: 40293

Text Banking commands:

BAL – Shows a list of your accounts

with current and available balances.

HELP – Shows a list of keywords

and their functionality. Texting "help

{command}" shows help on that

command. (ex. "help bal" will give

you help on the balance command).

HIST – "hist {account suffix}" shows

a list of recent transactions on that

account. (ex. "hist 009″).

LIST – Shows a list of your account

suffixes with their associated account


LOAN – "loan {loan suffix}" shows

details on your loan, such as the next

payment due date. (ex. "loan 600″)