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Applying for a Cannabis Related Business Account

The first step in getting in line for a business account is to be added to the wait list. We recommend gathering together all your required documentation prior to receiving initial contact from our compliance team.

We appreciate your patience while you are on the wait list. Due to the necessary due diligence in completing an application, it can be several months before you receive an email with an invitation to complete an application.

Once you have received an application from our compliance team you have reached the active processing queue. We process applications in a first come first served manner, so returning your complete application in a timely manner is key to keeping your placement. Missing documentation can cause significant delays in processing time.

Our Cannabis related members are given access to an advanced business online banking platform with their membership. Each business can fully customize their experience by selecting service options that will meet their needs, and customizing access and limits for sub-users. Service options include: basic ACH initiation functions, domestic wire initiation, QuickBooks web connect*, mobile deposit and bill pay.

*Online QuickBooks version is not supported

Our application process is primarily electronic and requires several electronic documents to be completed. We recommend you gather the following documents in electronic format before starting the application process:

  • Federal EIN
  • Oregon Business Registry
  • City license (if applicable)
  • Authorized signer & owner information and IDs on file
  • State marijuana licenses, copies of your application, and initial site inspection documents
  • Information on officers, owners, controlling manager
  • Financial Statements
  • Tax Returns & Federal Tax ID document
  • Insurance information
  • Bank account information and last 3 months of bank statements (if applicable)
  • Corporate Structure documentation such as Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Corporate Resolution of Authority, Operating Agreement, Partnership Agreement, etc.  

*Ancillary business are defined as a non-cannabis touching business that's primary source of revenue is derived from knowingly supporting cannabis growing, processing and sales. These businesses include, but are not limited to; hydroponics and cultivation products, lighting, packaging and warnings, security services and equipment, technology and software, banking and payment processing, insurance, paraphernalia (Cannabis delivery systems), and professional training and education.

To get added to the wait list please complete the form below: